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The Berryhill faculty, staff, and administrators are committed to providing outstanding curriculum and instruction to Berryhill students.  Oklahoma educators have experienced several changes in the requirements for students during last five years. On this page, we will update information on these changes, provide resources for parents, and post the current achievement levels of our students.  If you have questions regarding student achievement or curriculum offerings, please contact your site principal.

Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS)

We are currently transitioning to implementation of the Oklahoma Academic Standards.  Look for more information and resources related to this transition as we receive updated information.

Oklahoma Academic Standards Resource Page
Overview of Oklahoma Academic Standards

Oklahoma Academic Standards Family Guides:

OAS Family Guides are written by subject matter experts in the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s Office of Curriculum and Instruction.  The guides include grade-specific and subject-specific expectations, learning goals for the school year, what to do at home to help children reach learning goals and guiding questions to foster additional skills.


Reading Sufficiency Act (RSA)

The Reading Sufficiency Act supports Oklahoma children in K through third grade. The purpose of RSA is to ensure that all Oklahoma students are reading on grade level at the end of third grade. RSA begins in Kindergarten to address reading deficiencies as early and quickly as possible so that each student with reading deficiencies has enough time and the correct intervention to prevent reading failure.  (OKSDE)

Oklahoma 3rd Grade Retention Law

Reading Practice Resources:


Student Achievement Results

2023 State Testing Data and ACT

2022 State Testing Data and ACT

2019 ACT Scores
2018 ACT Scores
2017 ACT Scores



State Testing Links

Quick Resources: 

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·CCRA Spanish Practice Test

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