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Title VI and JOM programs are designed  to assist Native American students by supporting and providing programs to enrich academic and cultural education.


Indian Education Staff  (K-12): 


Title VI?

Title VI is a federally funded program through the Dept. of Education to increase academic support to Native American students. 

The Indian Education Formula Grant Program was authorized in 1972 with the passing of the Indian Education Act. 

This allows Berryhill Public Schools to apply for federal funding to support Native American student education.  Complete the 506 form, it is required for federal grant documentation of eligibility for services. It asks for the tribal membership,  roll number, which can be for any of the following: 

The Title VI IPAC Committee and School liaisons work on the Indian Education Program in developing next year's programming. In order to pass a federal and state audit, the form must be completely filled out by a parent/guardian. You can return the completed form to your child's school office secretary or Courtney McClendon at the central office. 


 Indian Parent Advisory Committe

  • Chairperson: Brooke Watie
  • Co-Chair: James McMullen
  • Secretary: Mandy Lonsdale
  • Teacher Rep:Clayboy Wise

 Members at Large

  • Nate Deer
  • Lisa Harper
  • Livia Kiefer
  • Pat Moton
  • Lisa Hagelberg



The Johnson O’Malley Program includes academic education, cultural awareness and community involvement. Berryhill Schools are in compliance and under the direction of Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

JOM funds are administered by the U.S. Department of Interior through the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) and are dedicated to the improvement of education for Native American students. 


What students are eligible for JOM?

The student must be enrolled with a federally recognized tribe. 

Degree of blood quantum must be  one-fourth or higher of Indian blood descendant of a citizen of a federally recognized Indian tribal government.

Also accepted is a parent’s tribal citizenship card or a CDIB card of a federally recognized tribe if the parent’s blood degree is a half ½ or more with the student’s original state certified birth certificate. 

A copy of the student's  tribe affiliation card must be on file with the school district. 


 JOM Committee

  • Chair: James McMullen
  • Co-Chair: Ashley Fleming
  • Secretary: Lisa Harper
  • Members at Large: Brigitte Postoak, Courtney McClendon 


 Indian Ed Needs Assessment


 Both the JOM and Title VI programs conduct annual surveys

 to determine needs. The survey results  are then assessed

 and the needs are ranked according

 to feasibility, importance, and appropriateness.


What do we provide?


Tribal Nation Links:

The Muscogee Nation


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