School Report Cards

The Oklahoma State Department of Education releases our district's letter grades on our School Report Card annually as part of a statewide educational reform effort. 

Site grades reflect many different factors, such as test results of all students, growth factors that compare test results from multiple years as well as growth in the 25 percent lowest performing students, and whole school performance factors such as attendance, graduation and dropout rates.

As parents or community members, you help to play a role in the grades received by our school sites.  You can assist by supporting and reinforcing the hard work needed by your student to learn the information taught in school.  A few opportunities to do so are:

* Volunteering at your child's school site
* Participating in your child's educational experience and supervising their 

   completion of homework assignments
* Utilizing the online Guardian Portal to track grades and assignments weekly 

These School Report Card letter grades are important, and should be viewed in complete context as only one measure of site performance.  They both show areas where we are doing well, and highlight areas we can improve in.

This is a moment to celebrate at Berryhill Schools and the district's significant accomplishments for our school community.  This is also a time to strive for continued excellence.  We look forward to working with you to sustain our academic programs and to raise our School Report Card grades in the future.

Mark Batt
Superintendent of Schools









*NOTE:  2020-2021:  Due to COVID-19, the Oklahoma State Department of Education waived all school report cards for the school year